Baling Press Machine

Baling press machine

High quality thick steel plate, with Gas shielded welding sturdy frame, advanced mechanical design makes the equipment durable.

baling press machine
baling press machine

High quality thick beam frame, high-strength steel conveyor belt style.
Hydraulic pumps, solenoid valves and hydraulic cylinder seals and other key parts use imported components, making high packing pressure, low-speed block , durable and small noise.

Other buttons of paper compactor machine, sensors, infrared shooting, remote control systems and other key parts adopt imported components, realizing simple operation and easy maintenance. Program control is automatically locked down five security. Alarm malfunction in the power supply phase, power procedural errors, pressure high, people mistakenly packaged mouth, all can automatically shutdown and alarm.

baling press machine3

Our advantage

1. Professional production
2. Large-scale manufacturing

baling press machine4

Simple operation
After the machine is powered on, it does not need to be installed and can be operated directly, effectively saving labor costs.

Anti drop door handle
U-shaped design, non-slip, easy to unlock. Greatly reduce the time cost after packaging.

baling press machine5
baling press machine6

High quality copper core motor
All motors are brand-name copper core motors with strong power, durability and fast heat dissipation to ensure smooth and continuous operation of the machine.

Automatic bag push and flip bag design
It supports customization and is easy to operate. It can be directly shipped mechanically after the package pressing work is completed, which effectively saves labor.

baling press machine7
baling press machine8

High sealing wear-resistant tubing
Imported wear-resistant high-seal oil pipe, thick pipe wall, and firm sealing joints to ensure no oil leakage during compression

Manufacturer (Powerful factory)

baling press machine9
baling press machine11
baling press machine12
baling press machine14
baling press machine10
baling press machine13

Customer case

Suitable for bundling waste cartons, plastic bottles, cans, fabrics, clothing, etc.

baling press machine15
Binding of waste cartons
plastic bottle packing machine
Fiber fabric baler
Plastic film baler
Coke Sprite and other cans packaging
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