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More than 5 million tons of aluminum are recycled each year. Approximately 2 million tonnes of copper were recovered. The scrap metal industry also processes millions of tons of various other metals. The metal is highly valuable, which is why it remains a strong industry, even in mature markets.

Two-thirds of metals deemed recyclable by the United Nations have a recovery rate of less than 50%. While improving these efficiencies requires waste management and infrastructure investments, the increased efficiencies can offset many of these costs.

What is the role of metal balers in metal recycling?

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How to choose a suitable metal baler?

JDY81 series automatic metal scrap baler can not only press all recyclable copper, brass, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals, but also can press ferrous metals from steel to stainless steel, a variety of sizes are available, high-density compression, compact structure and strong. Low energy consumption but fast productivity.

JDY81 series hydraulic metal balers mainly have the following models.

JDY81 (side rotary discharge), JDY81 (side push out), JDY81 (front push out), JDY81 (double main press).
We also support the design and manufacture of other model versions upon request.

JDY81 series hydraulic metal balers use steps and methods

After the metal shavings enter the press chamber, under the action of the manual control lever, the cover cylinder, side cylinder and main press cylinder work in sequence. After the metal scrap is pressed into bales in the press chamber, the side cylinder and the main cylinder return to their positions, the door cylinder works to open the cover door, and then the overturn cylinder works to turn the bales out of the press chamber.
After the above steps are completed, the rotary oil cylinder returns to its position, and all oil cylinders stop working, waiting for the second loading and packaging.

1. Main Body Structure
(1) Choose the brand company and international standard Steel Plate
(2) Using plasma CNC machines to make steel plate for Welding process 
(3) All steel parts are CO2 welded.
(4) Using the method of flaw detection to detect the quality of welding.
2. Hydraulic Cylinder
(1) Choose the brand company and international standard seamless steel pipe 
 (2) All piston rods are chrome plated
 (3) Choose the domestic top brand for the cylinder seal
3. Hydraulic Pump Station
(1) Our pump stations have equipped with 90 micron suction filters and 25 micron return filters as standard. (2) Pressure filters to 3 microns are optional and give our power units high cleanliness levels. (3) Hydraulic power unit suppliers offer a hydraulic circuit and parts list, (4) Hydraulic products offer this as well as a full installation and maintenance manual. (5) Each power unit is supplied with a test certificate and CE approval documentation.
4. Pressing Lid
(1) An unequalled compacting efficiency 
(2) The baling presses with lid are perfectly versatile machines.
 (3) They are ideal to process bulky and heterogeneous materials. 
(4) Feeding with scrap is very easy as the lid covers the upper part of the compression box
Machine Parameters
Customer Case

Quick answers and questions:

1: Are you a trading company or a factory?

We are a factory with many years of experience in machinery manufacturing; we provide you with competitive ex-factory prices and good after-sales service!

2: How about the machine installation?

For a single machine or a simple production line, we provide you with basic drawings, installation instructions, or mechanical pictures or videos of successful installation; for large machines and complex production lines, if necessary, we can send engineers to guide the installation

3: How about the spare parts?

We provide some free spare parts, such as small parts such as belts, washers, etc. For important wearing parts such as blades, knives, shafts, etc., we suggest customers to buy some together with the machine to save shipping costs, and we have enough spare parts in stock.

4: What should I do if there is a problem with the machine after purchasing the machine?

We have dedicated after-sales service personnel, if customers outside China encounter problems when the machine is working, please feel free to send us pictures or videos, we will provide you with solutions within 24 hours.

5: Can we visit your factory and test the machine?

We warmly welcome you to visit our factory at any time, and we are glad to test our machines with your raw materials.


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