Metal Shavings Ball Pressing Machine

Metal Chip Briquetting Machine/Metal Chips Pressing Machine

Brief Introduction of Metal Chips Briquette Machine

Metal chip briquette machines mainly is used for various metal scraps (iron scraps, copper scraps, stainless steel scraps, aluminum scraps, etc.), metal powder (iron powder, aluminum powder, copper powder, lead powder, etc.), the smelting additive, sponge iron (disposable reduced iron), etc.

Characteristics of Metal Chips Briquette Machine
manufactory metal chip briquetting pressing machine for metal steel forming briquette

1.Adopts hydraulic transmission, durable and stable operation, computer control, high degree of automation,low failure rate and easy maintenance.

2.The metal briquette machine can use screw feeding and other feeding methods according to different materials.

3.Metal briquette machine can meet the different needs of customers, and can be customized.

4.The whole body adopts integral steel structure, high strength and good stability, no need to install anchor screws.

Maintenance of metal crumbs forming machine
The Parameter of Metal Chip Briquette Machine
Metal chips briquetting machines can press iron chips, copper chips, aluminum chips, mineral powder, etc. into cakes for storage
Scrap metal chips briquette press machine | metal crumbs briquette machine
How does metal chip briquetting machine work?

Put the loose material into the storage bin at the back of the machine, and the material in the storage bin enters the forming mold of the machine. The hydraulic rod directly above the machine is continuously lowered, and the loose materials are compressed into dense high-density blocks. The working efficiency of this machine is very high, and it can produce 5 pieces in one minute. The machine is automatically controlled by PLC program, which can realize automatic continuous production.

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