Mini Metal Briquetting

product fertures

1、Working principle: The hydraulic system drives the hydraulic cylinder, and the hydraulic cylinder outputs high pressure to cold-press metal materials such as metal shavings and powder into 1-6kg high-density cylindrical cakes with a diameter of 75MM, which is convenient for storage, transportation and furnace production. And reduce the loss in the recycling process.
2、 Model classification: vertical model, horizontal model
Mini Metal Scrap Briquetting1
3、 Components (horizontal model):

① Main engine: It is composed of frame, main hydraulic cylinder, base plate hydraulic cylinder, supporting mold frame, mold, pressure head, etc.

The frame is integrally welded with high-quality section steel, which is rigid, beautiful and concise.

The main hydraulic cylinder is made of forged 45# high-quality steel, eliminating the need for steel castings and welding parts. Eliminate potential safety hazards and ensure equipment reliability, service life and safety in use.

The matching mold frame, mold, and indenter are made of high-quality alloy wear-resistant gold steel. The professional design and superior processing ability are the guarantee of the excellent taste of the equipment. Both the mold and the punch are equipped with fast replacement, and the front end of the punch is equipped with a binder ring that is easy to disassemble and install, so that its service life can be extended. The relevant parts are specially hardened or forged where necessary.

Mini Metal Scrap-Briquetting Working principle1

②Feeding device: It is composed of reducer, feeding screw and so on.

The reducer adopts a high-efficiency reducer with an efficiency of 96%, low vibration, low noise and superior performance.

The screw is made of high-quality alloy wear-resistant gold steel, which has been specially hardened. Good rigidity, high wear resistance and long service life.

③Hydraulic station: It is composed of motor, hydraulic pump, pump protection device, professional control valve block and piping system connected to the briquetting machine. Reasonable design and stable quality.

④Console: It is composed of electrical system and plc control system.

4、Product Features:

●Adopt the latest special hydraulic system to prevent oil leakage, reduce the oil temperature of the system and improve the stability of the system. The efficiency of the whole machine is improved, and the power saving is remarkable.

●Using low-vibration, low-noise, high-efficiency 6-pole motor and high-precision plunger pump, it greatly improves the shortcomings of traditional products such as high noise, poor stability, and short service life.

●The system is designed with a pre-discharge device to eliminate the hydraulic shock to the greatest extent.

●Advanced fast device for master and master cylinders improves production efficiency and ensures the production needs of users.

●The electrical part adopts imported PLC for logic control, which has strong anti-interference ability and low failure rate.

●The body adopts integral steel structure, which has high strength and good stability, and does not need to install anchor screws.

5、scope of application:

Aluminum shavings, steel shavings, iron shavings, and copper shavings can be briquetted back into the furnace to replace scrap steel, pig iron, aluminum ingots, and scrap copper as raw materials, which can reduce burning loss. It is suitable for aluminum alloy profile factories, steel casting factories, aluminum casting factories, Copper foundries, etc. This equipment can directly cold press powdery cast iron scraps, steel scraps, copper scraps, aluminum scraps, sponge iron, iron ore powder, slag powder and other non-ferrous metal scraps into cylindrical cakes, without heating during the whole production process , Add additives or other processes, direct cold press forming, while forming, it also ensures that the original material remains unchanged.

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