Double Shaft Plastic Rubber Cardboard Metal Scrap Shredder Machine

The shredder machine can be used to shred solid objects that are difficult to be broken, such as plastic, rubber, large tires, large nylon materials, rubber head materials, automobile bumper, large fish king, large pipes, fibers, paper, wood, electrical appliances, cables, PET bottles, cardboard, circuit boards, wood, plastic barrels, etc.

shredder machine

The crushing hollow material can be equipped with a press device to increase the output. A rotating screen can also be added to control the discharge size. When the double shaft shredder is running at low speed, noise and dust can reach high environmental standards.

shredder machine1

1. High torque, high blade strength, strong crushing capacity.

2. Good structural stability of the whole machine.

3. Good granularity of the final product.

4. Adjustable product size.

5. Safe and reliable lubrication system.

6. Small energy consumption. Save up to 15%-30% energy comparing with other shredding method.

Shredder Machine Parameters:

shredder machine4

Shredder Machine Details:

shredder machine5
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